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Yasser pino &
the latin syndicate


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by Yasser Pino & The Latin Syndicate

Released in October 2014. Recorded at Folting Studio and mixed at ARK Studio in Denmark. Mastered by Latin Music Mastering by Michael Lazarus in California USA.

  • 5:52
    Yasser Pino & The Latin Syndicate
  • 6:47
    Yasser Pino & The Latin Syndicate
  • 2:03
    Yasser Pino & The Latin Syndicate
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The Latin Syndicate is a true Latin-jazz band consisting of some of the best musicians in the genre.

Yasser Morejon Pino (CU), Eliel Lazo (CU), Paolo Russo (IT), Nico Gori (IT), Calixto Oviedo (CU) teamed up to create a new expression that reflects and highlights each musician’s culture and experience. The combination of Cuban bass, percussion and drums opposite the Argentinian tango harmonies interpreted in an Italian style, gives this Latin-jazz quintet a special pre-requisite for creating one of the most original Latin-jazz sounds of today.

About the Album 'NATURA'

"With the album 'Natura' I have the pleasure to present to you my first album as a double-bass soloist. The Latin Syndicate consists of five musicians who have worked together for a relatively short period of time. From the beginning, the dream was to capture their performance in a way that reflects not only their talent but also their true passion for the music. We proudly present our own compositions as well as re-recordings of classics, both from the Latin American and international repertoire. The combination of cuban bass, percussion and drums along with Italian harmony and melody offers an interesting sound expressed through jazz." - Yasser Pino


Bass, Band Leader / YASSER PINO
Piano, Bandoneon / PAOLO RUSSO
Percussion, Vocals / ELIEL LAZO
Clarinet, Sax / NICO GORI